Best Prices For Limited Stock Test Benches


Heavy Duty Easy Solution

A special bench for testing electronic unit injectors and unit pumps

  • With the patented cam box, it is very easy to install and remove the injector.
  • Stroke adjustment is easily made up to nine steps.
  • You can easily create your new test plans.
  • Optionally, it has a modular design suitable for testing special types of injectors such as F2, ISX, CAT 3500 and QSK.

    UTS 1004

    F2 Adapter ( KO2039) Kit Gift with UTS 1004

    UTS1004 is the first choice of the hundreds of Fuel Injection Specialists around the world.

      • KO2039 is delivered together with F2p adapter sleeve for pumping injector and F2e adapter sleeve for non pumping injector, complete for testing F2 system in one set up.
      • UTS1004 can test total delivery amount, injected delivery amount nozzle response time (NRT) of F2p pumping injector.
      • KO2039 F2 Adapter gift has high pressure rail to that can control pressure up to 2200 bar.
      • UTS1004 can test injector delivery and return flow of F2e non pumping injector.