This Cookie Policy (under the scope of this text hereafter referred as “Policy”) is related to the internet site operated by MAKTEST MAKİNA SAN. VE TİC. AŞ. (MAKTEST), and included explanations related to MAKTEST’s cookie utilization. In accepting the information provided in the “banner” or “pop-up”, which appear when visiting our site your will have approved the processing and utilization of the cookies as stipulated in this Policy. 

Who Sends these Cookies, and how? 

If the cookies are provided by *MAKTEST  and/or *If on the visited page some contents like video or photos are provided, cookies are send by third parties and via the communication established between the explorer (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) of the device, during your navigation, and the servers of the above expressed establishment. 

What is the Utilization Purpose of Cookies? 

Cookies are used for many different aims. For example; cookies are mostly used for below mentioned purposes: 

· to ensure that the internet site works properly (i.e. to make sure that contents like texts, photos, connections inside the site are available at the relevant places) 

· to provide the visitors a more personalized and more interesting experience (i.e. provision of services special to your preferences) 

· to optimize the internet site developing it (i.e. making pages, which include errors or which are not preferred, functional) and 

· to reminding visitors their preferences (i.e. information, language and further preferences entered when logging in to or internet side), 

· to maintain visitor’s preferences regarding the products (i.e. ensuring that the products added to your shopping basket still remain in your basket when the page is refreshed), 

· to maintain site navigation movements in a manner related to the public safety. 

What Kind of Cookies do you Use? 

· Login Cookies mean temporary cookies maintained in the devices until the internet site is left. 

· Permanent Cookies are ones remaining for long times in the hard disk of your device, and their utilization periods may vary from few days up to few years. 

· In order to ensure that the internet site functions properly and that the users benefit from the services and navigation properties provided in the site it is mandatory to keep Mandatory Cookies. For example, although being not send by us, social media cookies send from social media networks to your device are mandatory cookies in order to enable you to share news on our site attracting your interest or to have access to our accounts on the relevant platform. 

· Functional and Analytic Cookies are used for purposes i.e. to remember your preferences, effective utilization of the internet site, optimizing the site in a manner capable to satisfy the request, and  includes data about how the visitors use the site. As a requirement of its status, this kind of cookies may contain your personal data. For example, cookies recording your language preference are functional cookies. 

· Advertisement and Marketing related Cookies are used in accordance with the explicit consent for processing to define the product and similar you are interest in and to provide you a better purchasing experience, and contain data about products in which the visitors are interested in. 

How are the information used obtained from your device? 

Besides; making the utilization data anonymous, which are related to the clicking frequency when you visit the articles, news and contents included in further tabs and in respect of the visited pages we use these information for statistical purposes. You are not obliged to accept the cookies in order to be able to use our internet site, however in this case the quality of your user experience may be reduced. You may delete or block the cookies, however in this case our internet site may not function as required. We do not use the date, which we are collection via the cookies, to identify your identity. Cookies cannot be used for purposes other than mentioned in this Policy, and cannot be processed in a data protection legislation violating manner. 

How can you Prevent the Cookie Utilization? 

Cookie utilization allows that the web site provides a better service, however if you wish you may block the utilization of cookies. But, in this case please remember that the site may not fully function and that you may not benefit from all its properties.  In order to block the cookies you have to change the settings of the internet explorer you are using. This change varies depending on the device and internet explorer you are using. Below are information mentioned about which steps have to be followed in order to block the cookies over different internet explorers below: 

• Internet Explorer

1. Open the desktop and click on the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar. 

2. Click on the tools icon and select internet options. 

3. Click on the privacy icon and then move the shifter under the Setting section upwards and click OK in order to block all cookies. 

• Microsoft Edge

1. Click on the section with three dots at the right upper edge of your Microsoft Edge explorer and go to the Settings section. 

2. After selecting from the new appearing window the Items to be Cleaned, select from the now appearing window the sections you want to clean. 

3. Here are many sections. Select the desired one and start the cleaning process. 

• Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome on your PC. 

2. Click on other Settings at the right upper edge. 

3. Click on Advanced below. 

4. Click on the Context settings under “Privacy and security”. 

5. Click on Cookies. 

6. Search the name Web Site under “All cookies and site data”. 

7. Click on the Uninstall icon at the right of the site. 

• Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the Firefox Menu button and select Options. 

2. Select Privacy and Security panel and go to History section. 

3. Change the Firefox setting as use custom for history.  

4. Click “show cookies” button. Cookies window will appear. 

5. Enter the name of the site which cookies you want to delete in the search section. Cookies matching your search will appear. 

6. Select the cookie(s) you want to delete and click “delete selected ones”. 

7. Click the close button and close the cookie window. Thereafter close the “about:preferences” page. 

• Safari

1. Safari > Select your Preferences. 

2. Click Privacy item. 

3. Click the Web Site Data. 

4. Select one or more web site and then click Delete or Delete All. You can delete via third party software all cookies left behind by the web sites you have visited. 


1. Go to the “preferences” section of your explorer. 

2. Select the “Advanced” section. You can edit coolies from the cookies section. 

Please see our clarification text on the address if you need information regarding your personal data other than the cookies and this cookie policy.