Objective and Scope of the Clarification Text 

We as MAKTEST are taking measures in order to protect your personal data under the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (hereafter referred as “KVKK” or “Law”). In capacity as “Data Responsible” and under the scope of KVKK and relevant legal regulations we are processing your personal data due to below explained reasons and with following methods. 

According to article with heading “Clarification Obligation” indicated in the 10th article of KVKK, MAKTEST’s Clarification Text About Processing Personal Data has been prepared in order to inform you in the most transparent manner about the identity of the data responsible, method and legal reason for collecting your personal data, the purpose of processing these data, with whom and for which purpose these data are shareable, data processing period and which rights you have as indicated in the 11th article of KVKK. The explanations made in the clarification text in respect of your “Personal Data” are covering also your “Sensitive Personal Data”. 

Data Responsible 


Address: Pancar O.S.B. 7. Cadde No:9 35865 Torbalı/İZMİR

(Under the scope of this Clarification Text referred as “Company” or “MAKTEST”). 

Method and Legal Reasons for Collecting your Personal Data 

Your personal data are verbally, in written or electronically collectable by means of automatic or non-automatic methods and software, camera shooting and similar used in the departments pertinent to the Company, social media channels and for conduction of company-intern activities. Your personal data are created as long as your relation to the Company continues and will be processed by updating these and maintained both in digital and physical environment. 

Your personal data are processable and transmittable according to the purposes mentioned under the heading “Your Processed Personal Data and Processing Purposes” and to ensure the explicit consent stipulated under the scope of the 1st sub-article of the 5th article of the Law no. 6698 or under the scope of personal data processing conditions and purposes mentioned in the sub-paragraphs “a,c,C,e and f” of the 2nd sub-article of the 5th article of the Law No.6698. 

Your Processed Personal Data and Processing Purposes 

As a requirement of legal obligations or purposing to provide a more suitable service in company’s businesses and transactions your personal data are processed in a manner compliant with the Personal Data Protection Law. 

Under this scope the data mentioned in the table are collected as personal data; 

Identity: Data group with information regarding person’s identity. (Name, Surname, Turkish Personal I.D. Number, Signature, Tax Identity No.) 

Contact Details: Data group to be used in order to contact the person. (Phone number, Mail address, Residential Address) 

Finance: Data group with financial data pertaining to the person. (Bank Account No, IBAN No.) 

Customer Transaction: This data category is the data group with transaction data pertaining to the customer. (Call centre records, Checks, Invoices, Promissory Note information) 

Your collected personal data;

will be processed under the personal data processing conditions and purposes mentioned in articles 5. and 6 of the Law No. 6698 for following purposes:  

  • performance by our business departments of studies required in order to enable real or legal entities, institutions and establishments, who have a relation with the Company (employees, visitors, suppliers, business partners), to benefit from the products and services of our Company or headquarters and departments pertinent to our Company, 
  • ensuring the life and property safeties and legal, commercial and occupational health safety of real and/or legal third party entities, where Company’s businesses are executed or existing in the headquarters and departments pertinent to the Company, 
  • ensuring the discipline, safety and inspection, if you are physically present at the places, where Company’s footage storage works are performed or at headquarters and departments pertinent to the Company, 
  • fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements resulting/may result from the Labour Law No.4857, Turkish Law of Obligations No.6098, Career Training Law No.3308, Occupational Health and Safety Law No.6331, Personal Data Protection Law No.6698, Tax Procedure Law No.213, Social Insurances and General Health Insurance Law No.5510, Personal Health Data Processing and Privacy Protection Regulation, Regulation About Archive Services and all relevant laws and secondary arrangements, 
  • execution of inspection and/or arrangement duties to be performed by the commissioned and authorized public institutions and establishments and professional organisations with public institution status, 
  • fulfilling the information and document requests received from judicial bodies and/or administrative authorities, 
  • planning and managing the finance of all provides services, and invoicing thereof, 
  • fulfilling offers, promotions, exemption, rights and obligations submitted by contractual private insurance companies and other institutions under the scope of agreements, 
  • taking all technical and administrative measures required for systems and applications under the data safety. 

Parties to whom and for which Purposes the Processed Personal Data are Transmittable  

Ensuring that any technical and administrative measures are taken, which are required to provide the suitable safety level appropriate according to KVKK and relevant legislation, your Personal Data may be transmitted pursuant to above mentioned purposes under the extent of personal data processing conditions and purposes mentioned in the 8th and 9th Article of the KVK Law to:  

  • Persons/institution and/or establishments permitted by further relevant legislation provisions, 
  • Lawyers and advocacy partnerships in order to pursue the legal works, 
  • Financial Advisors in order to execute financial and accounting operations, 

and with domestic/abroad establishments from whom we procure contractual services and/or to whom we provide services and with whom we collaborate in order to undertake our activities. 

Data Processing Period and Maintenance Period 

Provided to be limited with the objectives mentioned in this Clarification Text; your personal data will be processed adhering all data processing and prescriptions indicated in all relevant laws and further legal regulations to which our Company and headquarters and departments pertinent to our Company are subject. In case of changes related to the data processing periods, the defined new periods will be considered. 

As a requirement of the principle of limitation to the objective, your personal data will be processed limited with the fulfilment of the objectives explained in this Clarification Text and anyway limited to the legal periods and the period required to process the personal data according to our company’s application and the practices of the business life, and your personal data will be deleted, destroyed or made anonymous after expiration of these periods. If you should request detailed information regarding the storage periods of your personal data, please contact us via the addresses in the section of rights of the related person. 

Rights of the Related Person 

As the related person you may make use of your mentioned rights submitting your request under the scope of the 11th article of the Law regulating the rights of the related person in accordance with the “Notification About Methods and Principles of Applications to the Data Responsible” in written to the address “Pancar O.S.B. 7. Cadde No:9 35865 Torbalı/IZMIR” or electronically to the e-mail address info@maktest.com.tr. A more comprehensive arrangement is provided in MAKTEST’s Personal Data Application and Response Procedure.